Star Wars Fans Loved A Picture Of George Lucas Holding Baby Yoda From ‘The Mandalorian’

Star Wars is in Disney’s hands these days, but that doesn’t mean George Lucas can’t get some hands-on experience of his own despite cashing out on the property. The creator of Star Wars and LucasFilm is still in the orbit of the Star Wars universe, and apparently that includes being on the set of The Mandalorian.

We got some adorable proof of that on Thursday night when The Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau tweeted a blurry image of Lucas holding the $5 million baby itself, The Child.

The caption-less, context-less image caused an internet sensation in its own right, as at this point anything Favreau tweets will cause a stir among fans who loved the first season of the Disney+ original. Baby Yoda, though that’s not its name, was a runaway star of the Disney property, and seeing the most relevant character from the new era of Star Wars literally cuddling with the creator of the entire universe was a lot for fans to take. The replies to the tweet were pretty hilarious.

A number of fans did poke fun at The Mandalorian showrunner for the image quality.

Who knows, maybe he was too excited about it to keep a steady hand. This at least shows that, perhaps, Lucas likes the little guy after all. Maybe a bit better than he seems to have liked Rise of Skywalker, at least. We’ll have to see if Lucas knows its real name or not if he is ever asked about it. Maybe we’ll find out soon enough, too.