George R.R. Martin’s Development Deal Is Good For HBO, Bad For ‘Game Of Thrones’

02.06.13 6 years ago 30 Comments

Long before Game of Thrones was picked up by HBO, increasing the network’s badassery from “meh” to HOLY SH*T PEW PEW PEW SLASH SLASH SLASH BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS, author George R.R. Martin was an in-demand TV writer, penning episodes, presumably using peasants’ blood as ink, of CBS’ mid-1980s Twilight Zone revival, Beauty and the Beast (the one with Clay Morrow), and The Outer Limits. Meaning, as much as we hate to think about it, Martin has a life outside of Westeros, a fact we’ll have to accept now that he’s signed a deal with HBO to develop new shows that have nothing to do with demon babies.

The acclaimed author has inked an overall development deal with the premium cable network. Under a two-year agreement that was first reported on, Martin will develop and produce new shows for HBO. In addition, he’ll continue to serve as co-executive producer on Thrones. Martin also typically writes one Thrones episode per season, including an episode the upcoming third round of the hit fantasy drama which gets underway March 31. (Via EW)

Some gall, this Martin has. Every second spent not writing the follow-up to A Dance with Dragons and the follow-up to the follow-up to A Dance with Dragons brings him closer to death, which considering he’s “old and fat,” yeah. Jerk. Guess this means we’ll have to start crowdsourcing ideas for how the series should end. What could go wrong? OK, the final scene will involve a bunch of dragons driving Ferraris being chased by direwolves on mopegs, while Daenerys and Margaery make out and Tyrion tries out his standup routine about the differences between Starks (“Their servants be drivin’ carts like this…”) and Lannisters (“Our servants be mannin’ boats like this…”).

Who needs ya, George.

(Via EW)

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