‘Glee’ Somehow Got Even Gayer

Not only did “Glee” debut its first two original songs on last night’s episode, it finally showed a kiss between Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss). It’s not the first gay kiss on the show, but it certainly was the most sensual, am I right fellas?

After months of hints and winks, fans of FOX’s hit musical finally got what they’ve been waiting for: The characters of Kurt and Blaine kissed for the first time. And it wasn’t a peck. It also wasn’t overtly sexual or desperate, it wasn’t rushed or clouded with turmoil, and it certainly wasn’t played for laughs, the way many kisses between men are on TV. It was perfect.
“It’s hard to overstate the significance of the kiss between Kurt and Blaine on ‘Glee’ last night,” [said] Michael Jensen, editor of Logo’s AfterElton.com. “Even better, it wasn’t the sort of kiss we saw back in the 1990s where the guys pecked each other on the lips — or worse, the camera cutaway — but this was a real kiss that hinted there is much more to come in this relationship. If we still needed proof how far gay characters have come on network TV, ‘Glee’ just gave it to us.” [PopEater]

They must mean gay male characters, because lesbian characters have always been awesome. Especially when the lesbian characters are really pretty femmes played by straight actresses, because they make such good role models for confused young women.
Come, join me for a trip back in time to 2005, when the second season of “The O.C.” featured Olivia Wilde as Alex, a minx who seduced Marissa (Mischa Barton) into a realm of sapphic pleasure. I show you these pictures solely in the interest of promoting tolerance and gay rights.

And who can forget the time Alex and Marissa finger-banged each other under that blanket? Easily my favorite episode.