Watch Brooklynites Freak Over Guy Fieri Opening A ‘Factory Farm To Table’ Restaurant In Williamsburg

Oh man this is GOOD.

Trendy Brooklynites love to grab an ironic dining experience at Guy Fieri’s restaurant in Times Square, but what would they think if Guy made plans to open a branch in their neighborhood?

Late Night Basement host Chris Rose takes to the streets of Williamsburg to spread the word about a fictional Guy Fieri restaurant opening up nearby. NOTE: There is no known Guy Fieri restaurant coming to Brooklyn.

About the menu, Rose tells his interview subjects that Fieri will serve “a cheddar-stuffed foie gras. It’s a duck that’s been force-fed nacho cheese for two months” and that “he’s calling his fries ‘gentrifries.’ ” When a horrified hipster objects, he asks, “So you don’t support the fact that the dudes from Vampire Weekend are helping him with the menu?”

In the words of one Brooklyn dude, “It’s going to be terrible. I can’t wait.”

(Via Holly Bailey)