Harrison Ford Blanked On Ryan Gosling’s Name While Sitting Next To Him On ‘Graham Norton’

Beloved actor and earring enthusiast Harrison Ford has nothing but praise for his Blade Runner 2049 co-star. Just don’t press Ford on said co-star’s name.

If you’re the sort of person that’s bad at remembering names or faces the clip nestled above from The Graham Norton Show is best watched through your fingers. Seated next to Ryan Gosling on the UK chat show’s couch o’ celebrity guests, Ford wound up blanking on Gosling’s name while chatting about the movie. That delay was promptly turned into a pretty funny running gag and pairs up nicely with the original anecdote Ford was getting to. Excellent talk showing from everyone involved and it’s not like Gosling is new to issues of possible mistaken identity on television.

In addition to Ryan Gosling related memory techniques, Norton also featured Reese Witherspoon addressing the remarkable similarities between President Trump’s Liberty University commencement speech and Elle Woods’ speech in Legally Blonde.

“Do you know how that happened?” asked Norton about the resemblance.

“I’m sure he’s just a big fan,” replied Witherspoon.

Is it surreal seeing Trump’s rather similar commencement speech mixed with the Legally Blonde speech in a clip soundtracked by a live studio audience? Darn tootin’ it is.