If You’re Wondering Why HBO Max Crashed, This Video Of A Million Apartments Watching ‘House Of The Dragon’ Simultaneously Might Help Explain It

HBO Max crashed during Sunday night’s premiere of House of the Dragon, and it’s starting to become clear why: A whole lot of people were here for some more Game of Thrones action. In a now viral video on Twitter, a sizable chunk of tenants in an apartment building in Brooklyn were clearly watching the premiere at the same time as evidenced by the lights from their TV changing within seconds of each other, if not simultaneously.

It was such a cool moment, that the House of the Dragon Twitter account retweeted the video on Monday with the caption, “All the dragons roared at one.”

When you’ve got an entire NYC building in a sea of many streaming the premiere as soon it became available, it’s no wonder that HBO Max crashed. In fact, it was the only technical snafu of the night. As the official HBO Max account made a quip about the outage, it received an automated response from the HBO Max support account genuinely asking if it needed help streaming the show. Via Variety:

The @hbomax account, about an hour after the 9 p.m. ET premiere of the “Game of Thrones” prequel series, had tweeted, “The only thing that could tear down the House of the Dragon was itself. #HOTD”

Less than half an hour later, @HBOMaxHelp replied with a polite, obviously canned query: “Hi, we want to help. Could you please let us know what device you’re using?”

The awkward moment was deleted, but as everyone online knows, screenshots last forever. In the meantime, the HBO Max outage reportedly only affected Amazon Fire TV users and the streamer is working to resolve the issue.

House of the Dragon airs new episodes Sundays on HBO and (in theory) HBO Max.

(Via Variety)