Ice-T Has A Very Special Celebration For When He’s Victorious In ‘Call Of Duty’

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You read that correctly, Ice-T plays Call of Duty regularly. Has his own guild/clan and everything. Former pimp, rapper, object of controversy, and fake police detective is involved in the same type of stuff I was back in grade school. That just shows you how far the Call of Duty reach truly is these days.

Ice-T even has his own little celebration dance that he whips out at the end of a victorious match called the dick dance. And he demonstrates here for Conan.

Once again Andy Richter proves to be the funniest voice in the midst of crippling boredom. Ice-T is waving his dick around, Conan plays the grumpy idiot, and Richter is ready to make people laugh. He knows what’s going on. The best part of all of it is that Body Count was the musical act for the night.

(Via Team Coco)

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