James Marsden Shared A Heartwarming Text His Mother Sent Him After He Didn’t Win A Golden Globe

It seems, in all honesty, absurd that a man with a face like James Marsden has not achieved a God-like status amongst celebrities because he has been out-acting everyone since he first showed off those piercing laser eyes in X-Men. It’s taken a few decades of dramas, a handful of musicals, and one bunny buddy comedy, but Marsden is finally receiving the attention he deserves. And it was all because he was summoned for Jury Duty.

Marsden starred in the surprisingly hit “hoax” comedy Jury Duty in which everyone in the courtroom was an actor besides the unsuspecting construction worker Ronald Gladden. Marsden received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor, and while he lost to Matthew Macfadyen, he is always a winner…to his mom.

The actor shared a screenshot (caught by People) of a text his mother sent him on the night of the Golden Globes which read:

My favorite moment of tonight was when they had your picture up with the other 5 nominees. Just like I’ve seen all my life of different nominee pics all together like that. And I saying to myself-my son is one of the 6 chosen and there he is up there on the tv screen next to the other nominees. MY son did that. I can’t quit smiling.

Marsden captioned the photo with a heart and said “My mom I love you.” And there’s always next year! Who knows, Marsden might get even more recognition this year when he stars in the highly anticipated film Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story.

(Via People)