Jason Statham Busts Out A Headlock So You’ll Never Forget The Toughest Guy At The Golden Globes

Jason Statham‘s tough guy persona follows him to every role, but he doesn’t seem to mind typecasting. In fact, he relishes the chance to reenact a character and gamely did so at Sunday’s Golden Globes.

While introducing Spy, Statham brought this particular film’s Statham-y character back to life by placing Paul Feig in a headlock. Before doing so, Statham claimed credit for writing, producing, and directing the flick. Co-star Melissa McCarthy’s face told the unimpressed tale. Feig tried to take back the writing and directing credit, but Statham was not having it.

Statham’s tough guy act has followed him throughout his career. During his early career, he honed his ability to bust skulls while wielding a fetching cockney accent and never stopped. Why change a good thing?

Here’s the isolated headlock moment that will live on in Globes infamy.