Jennifer Lawrence Talks About The Time She Almost Asked Out Seth Meyers During ‘SNL’

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12.16.15 2 Comments

Well, another Jennifer Lawrence interview got awkward, but this time it wasn’t all because she decided to say words. It turns out J-Law has a weird history with Late Night host Seth Meyers. It all started when Lawrence was rehearsing for her hosting gig on SNL. Over that week, she developed a huge crush on the then-Weekend Update anchor. After some deliberation, Lawrence was convinced that she was going to ask out Meyers. However, while talking it over with someone in wardrobe, she was informed that Meyers was engaged to his now-wife. And then things got awkward again, but how could it not at that point?

Lawrence also briefly reminisced on her unrequited crush on Larry David, which is still apparently going strong. This is what happens when you let your late night guests have too much wine; all their truths start coming out. Next thing you know, she’ll reveal something about how she loves Amy Schumer and wants to date her. That would never really happen, though.

(Via Late Night with Seth Meyers)

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