Joel McHale Shows Letterman How He Licked A Skull And Corrupted His Son During His Trip To Paris

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01.08.14 2 Comments

I feel like I could really get along with Joel McHale. Aside from his overly snarky persona on The Soup and his starring role on Community, he seems like a pretty interesting guy to be around.

During his visit to The Late Show, he explained how his family won a free Thanksgiving trip to Paris and hopped on a plane to share the holiday like any family should: fooling with dead people and corrupting the children. I love it. Take this photo of Joel kissing a skull in the Paris catacombs for example.

Joel McHale

Now that is a guy I want to hang out with and maybe filet a few goats at the local cemetery. Not because of Satan or anything, but more because there’s very little to do in this country town and I think Joel might enjoy that. I’ll even make sure there’s scotch involved.

I also enjoy how his son has a desire to be photographed while juxtaposed against the most scandalous items he can find, be it a lingerie shop window or violent paintings. The McHales are officially my 2013 family of the year.

(Via The Late Show)

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