Jon Hamm Signs New Contract: Three More Years of Don Draper

06.22.11 8 years ago 11 Comments

Excellent news: Jon Hamm has signed a three-year contract with Lionsgate TV and AMC that locks him in to play Don Draper through Season 7 of “Mad Men.”

We hear Hamm’s blockbuster new three-year deal is in the eight figures, catapulting him in the top ranks of cable’s leading men. His previous contract for Mad Men was for two more seasons… Its length now aligns it with the one of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, who closed a new three-year deal with Lionsgate TV and AMC earlier this year. After locking in Weiner, Hamm was the studio’s top priority, with othe r key cast members also expected to get bumps in exchange for longer contracts. [Deadline]

Pffft, whatever. Eight figures over three years isn’t all that much. I’ll make eight figures over the next three years, too. I just have to count the two zeroes after the decimal point.

No word yet on whether Hamm made any character demands in the new contract, but he’s certainly a big enough star to do so. As the series gets closer to the ’70s and the fashion trends change, he should ensure that Draper’s suits remain dark gray with skinny ties. I also would have demanded at least one forceful fingerbang per season.

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