‘Killing Eve’ Will Keep Its Cat-And-Mouse Game Going For A Long Time

Warning: Spoilers from Killing Eve will be found below.

The sophomore season of Killing Eve began in as entrancing and electric a manner as the first outing, although some inertia later set in, and the season finale was a head scratcher. Things were left ambiguous with Villanelle shooting Eve after the latter dashed hopes of a romantic life on the run. It wasn’t clear whether the assassin had inflicted mortal wounds, but one can guess that Eve will (at least physically) turn out alright. BBC America had already renewed the series for a third season long before that finale episode, and they can’t very well change the name of the series to Killing ____, right? Well, I suppose that’s possible, given that LIVE With Kelly And ____ turned into a thing, but c’mon, this series needs Sandra Oh just as much as it requires Jodie Comer.

Regardless of how things shake out, BBC America has announced (months prior to the spring premiere of a third season) that a fourth season will definitely happen. In sticking with the show’s tradition, a new female lead writer shall be announced at some point, after Suzanne Heathcote takes the third-season reins whilst following in Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Emerald Fennell’s footsteps.

Why the super-early good news? BBC America’s plan to simulcast the second season on AMC paid off with fantastic ratings, as a press release points out:

Season two of Killing Eve had the highest rate of growth of any returning TV drama since the final season of AMC’s Breaking Bad in 2013, doubling its season one audience in Live+SD. Season three of Killing Eve premieres Spring 2020 on BBC AMERICA.

No clear-cut date exists for the third season, but it’s sure to be, you know, a killer story.