Megyn Kelly Looks Back At The Lighter Side Of The Election And Schooling Mike Huckabee On ‘Jaws’

Megyn Kelly’s promotional tour for Settle For More took her to The Tonight Show on Friday, where she got the chance to play celebrity and play a game with Jimmy Fallon. It’s odd to see a news anchor get tossed into the same roles as Jennifer Lawrence or Zac Efron, but that’s how far Kelly has grown over the past few years. She’s gone from fodder for The Daily Show to a prime time draw for Fox, having public spats with Bill O’Reilly and co-hosting Live With Kelly after the election.

And while there’s plenty to say about the election and the information in her book, the real draw here is a look back to the lighter days of Election 2016. Sure, we’ve got Mike Huckabee trying to make an analogy to the election using the movie Jaws instead of warning the villagers about his two giant sons, but the real fun part is where Kelly has to correct the former Arkansas governor on the plot of the film. He seems to want to compare Donald Trump to Captain Quint from the film, saying he slayed the wild shark that’s supposed to stand in for Hillary Clinton. Sadly, that is not what happens in the film:

I guess he meant to say Brody, but he’s definitely more of a Jeb Bush-type. And then Ted Cruz is definitely Hooper, hiding on the sea floor until the coast is clear. I’m fantasy booking here, but the joy is having to see the reference get blown up on national television. Not the best moment between Kelly and Huckabee, but we’ll take it.

Later Kelly also got to play Box of Lies with Fallon, something she should be good at considering she’s meant to call people out on their lies for a living. She also shares a horror story from Thanksgiving, possibly as a warning to all you weary souls going into this week. A dry turkey is a sad turkey. Never forget.

(Via The Tonight Show)