Michael Stipe And James Franco Help Stephen Colbert End The Year With An R.E.M. Classic

Managing Editor, Trending
12.16.16 2 Comments

As we’re putting this year to bed, it’s nice to know that Stephen Colbert is there to provide us with a theme song to close it out. Actually, R.E.M. is there to provide the song, but Colbert is on with Michael Stipe to help update it for a musical 2016 year in review. The funny part is that Stipe is playing the average person, unwilling to sing the song and unwilling to say he’s fine with 2016.

It’s easy to damn a year for being terrible, especially when it’s full of pain for people around the globe. But each year has its own terrors and we just manage to put it behind us, much like we’ll do with 2016 once it comes to an end in a few weeks. The best part about a year in review type of deal is how much stuff you actually forget happened in 2016. I almost forgot the entire Ryan Lochte thing and that happened right at the end of the summer.

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