Mitch Pileggi Says Walter Skinner Will Be Back For More ‘X-Files’

Maybe David Duchovny spoke out of turn when he told David Letterman certain supporting characters would return for The X-Files event series on FOX. Maybe not. According to Walter Skinner himself, everyone’s favorite “grumpy and b*tchy” assistant director at the FBI will be back in action.

Actor Mitch Pileggi broke the news earlier today on Twitter:

Despite all that Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s characters have been through, Pileggi’s Skinner still sees the two FBI agents as his “wayward kids.” This estimation remains true considering he saved Mulder’s nearly-frozen-ass at the end of I Want to Believe.

Which is why I’m glad he’s coming back. Aliens and monsters aside, the second movie proved foul weather was enough to almost ruin Mulder and Scully’s day.

(Twitter via Deadline)