Negan Will Not Kill Who You Think Negan Will Kill On ‘The Walking Dead’

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10.05.16 35 Comments


The Walking Dead returns is imminent, and by this point, we all have our theory about who Negan will murder with his baseball bat, Lucille, in the opener.

I arrived at my own personal theory through a process of deduction. To summarize: The actors who play Rick, Eugene, Daryl, and Glenn were all seen on the set filming a birthday message to Demi Lovato, ruling them out. Abraham ruled himself out when Michael Cudlitz mentioned in an interview that not only does he continue to get scripts, but that he will continue on the show with Negan at least “for a while.” We also think we caught a glimpse of Abraham in the season seven trailer that takes place after the Negan kill.

We have to rule out Aaron, Sasha, and Rosita because they’re not major enough characters to satisfy the bloodlust of The Walking Dead fans.

That leaves Maggie and Michonne. It’s not going to be Michonne because Michonne is untouchable. That leaves Maggie, who also makes the most sense, based on clues from her Instagram account, as well as the fact that the death of a pregnant Maggie would be the most disturbing death possible and Greg Nicotero has said those who have seen the scene have been incredibly “disturbed” by it. Maggie’s death also plays into the heartbreaking origins of Negan’s bat, Lucille. Negan lost a wife, so it seems likely that he might take a wife, and Maggie is the only candidate who fits that description.

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