In Wishing Demi Lovato A Happy Birthday, ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Rules Out Major Negan Victims

Over the weekend, several cast members of The Walking Dead wished Demi Lovato a happy birthday from the set in a surprise birthday message. The video (a recording of a Snapchat) is cute but grainy, and ends with Josh McDermitt — in character as Eugene — offering a very very special birthday message: “I do appreciate the female form. Just throwing it out there to see if you wanna take me down to your paradise.”

Lovato was thrilled.

What the cast may not have meant to reveal in the video, however, was the existence on set of four characters who are on the chopping block when the season returns. Among Negan’s potential victims are Daryl, Rick, Eugene and Glenn, all of whom appear in the video. Does that mean that all four are safe?

If so, it would seem to rule out a recent theory that Daryl would die based on the attire of Dwight single-white female-ing Daryl. It also rules out numerous theories that Glenn — Negan’s original victim in the comics — would die in the seventh-season premiere. Few were worried about Eugene or Rick, but their deaths seem to be ruled out by the video as well.

Who does that leave? Carl, who is safe. Rosita and Aaron, who are not major enough characters to satisfy the bloodlust of The Walking Dead fans. Also, Sasha, Michonne, Maggie, and Abe, and the loss of any of those would come as a devastating blow to fans.

There is one slight wrinkle, however. In the video, Glenn appears separately, and for only a split second. He also says absolutely nothing.

It’s not totally out of the question to think that producers on The Walking Dead inserted that frame to throw viewers off or give them a false sense of hope. After all, the cast has to know how much fans of the show will scrutinize even a simple happy birthday message.

In other words, the video may have muddied the waters as much as it offers potential answers.