Let’s Break Down ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Trailer, Shot By Shot

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07.25.16 5 Comments

The much anticipated trailer for The Walking Dead debuted at Comic-Con on Friday, but with the frenzy of news and other trailers, we barely had time to digest the trailer, other than to note that it obviously did not answer who Negan will kill in the season premiere. Now that we’ve had a couple of days to inspect it, here’s what we can surmise from the upcoming seventh season, based on the trailer.

The trailer begins by reminding us that Negan is “going to beat the holy hell out of one of you,” and then — through flashbacks — reminds us why certain characters would make sense from the perspective of heartbreaking storytelling:

It could be Maggie or Glenn because of their history together, and because Glenn no longer has a photo of Maggie to remind him of her.

It could be Carl or Rick because of their deep father/son bond, and the years they have spent together, have survived together.

It could be Daryl because of his bond to Carol, and Lil Ass Kicker, among others.

It could be Sasha or Abraham because they have just found each other, and they are falling in love.

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