The 6 Best New Original Netflix Shows Streaming This November

It’s the beginning of a new month so you know what that means: more original content from Netflix.

The streaming platform is dropping a handful of really great series this November and all of them are worth a watch. We’ve whittled the list down to six shows that will give you the most bang for your binge-watching bucks, a lineup that includes live-action anime adaptations, cartel crime dramas, animated comedies, and more.

Here are the new Netflix original series you should add to your queue this November.

Cowboy Bebop (streaming 11/19)

3, 2, 1 … Let’s jam! The live-action adaptation of this beloved anime series lands on Netflix this month. Here’s what it’s promising fans: John Cho with a perfectly-coiffed head of hair and an affinity for well-fitting blue blazers, bounty-hunting adventures in space, a soundtrack curated by the legendary Yoko Kanno, and a corgi. A CORGI you guys! What more do you want?

Tiger King 2 (streaming 11/17)

No, we haven’t all jumped in some kind of time travel machine and crash-landed in the early days of COVID lockdown circa 2020. Instead, Netflix is recreating some of the pandemic pandemonium courtesy of another round of shady zoo owners, murderous big cat madames, and Joe Exotic — the Queer tiger-wrangling convict who, sadly, did not get pardoned by Trump. Season two of this wild docuseries will dive deeper into the underground exotic animal market while profiling the people who benefitted most from the Tiger King’s downfall.

Narcos: Mexico Season 3 (streaming 11/5)

The final season of Narcos: Mexico picks up as Diego Luna’s crime boss makes himself comfortable behind bars, leaving a power vacuum in the cartel world that more than one criminal family is happy to fill. While the Sinaloa, Tijuana, and Juárez cartels battle for control of the drug trade, Scoot McNairy’s DEA Agent finds himself in the crosshairs.

Big Mouth: Season 5 (streaming 11/5)

Creator Nick Kroll is back to personify some of our worst puberty demons in cartoon form with another season of his animated comedy series. Joining the anxiety mosquitos and depression kitties this time around are creatures known as lovebugs / hateworms. All of the main crew gets infected with one or the other (or both) as this season explores the thin line between love and hate, plus some bigger cultural issues like toxic masculinity and cystic acne.

True Story (streaming 11/24)

Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes star in this dramatic thriller from the team behind Narcos. Hart plays a stand-up comic on the rise who gets into some serious trouble one-night thanks to his wayward brother’s (Snipes) criminal enterprising. Expect more crime than comedy here.

F is for Family: Season 5 (streaming 11/25)

This animated raunchy comedy from Bill Burr returns for its final season this month as the Murphy clan celebrates the holiday season. The final outing should take place over the Thanksgiving – Christmas time frame as Frank deals with his father’s ongoing health crisis, welcomes a new baby, and tries to get in the holiday spirit.