New ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Teasers Featuring Creepy Children? Yes Please!

Say what you will about Ryan Murphy, but the man is great about hyping his projects, particularly American Horror Story. I wish he was as great about following through with meaningful and cohesive storylines as he is about hyping, but that’s a discussion for another time. Late Monday, Murphy revealed the second round of teasers for American Horror Story: Hotel, and despite the flaws that plagued Freak Show, it’s safe to say I’m getting pretty excited for the upcoming season.

Typically American Horror Story teasers tend to be little more than intriguing visuals that have little to do with the actual forthcoming season. However, this time around the first round of teasers delivered a man whose face is covered in skin, who was later revealed to be the mysterious villain of the season, a demon with a “drillbit dildo.” Going by that logic, I can only assume that the above teaser featuring creepy children descending a staircase toward even more creepy children means that somehow, creepy children will presumably play a part in the season.

The second teaser involves a person who has been ensconced inside of a mattress, and who doesn’t appear to be all that excited about the pair of shears coming precariously close to their eyeball.

Finally, the third teaser provides what is apparently a first look at Evan Peters’ character James March, the murderous psychopath who built the hotel.

For better or worse, it’s definitely gonna be entertaining when Hotel premieres Oct. 7.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)