The First Promo For Season 21 Of ‘The Bachelor’ Teases 30 Kooky New Women

11.15.16 1 year ago

In just a month and a half, The Bachelor will be back for more mindless entertainment, which — let’s face it — is kind of exactly what America needs right now. As you may remember, the upcoming season is starring Nick Viall, a three time loser at love, having made it to the runner up in both seasons 10 and 11 of The Bachelorette, as well as striking out on last season of Bachelor in Paradise. But as they say, uh, the fourth time’s the charm, so Nick is back with his mouthful of marbles to hopefully find love with a harem of 30 brand new women.

Speaking of those women, while we wait anxiously for ABC to post their online bios, the network has released this first look at the upcoming season. While it features mostly cuts of a suit-wearing Nick holding a rose or a shirtless Nick holding a rose, it also gives us a brief glimpse of the new contestants who all seem to agree that their new Bachelor is “sexy” and “super hot.” It even gives us a tease of who I hope is the crazy one this season, an attractive blonde woman who looks into the camera with a rabbit-boiling kind of expression and says, “I want Nick right now. Right now.”

Season 21 of The Bachelor returns t0 ABC on January 2 and not a moment too soon.

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