‘SNL’ Standout Pete Davidson Is Reportedly Dating Larry David’s Daughter

Larry David bumming around SNL has inspired some of the season’s best sketches and a blossoming relationship. Not between Larry David and shrugging (they’ve been going steady for decades), but the Curb Your Enthusiasm creator’s daughter and current SNL cast member Pete Davidson.

Unless you’re a big fan of Hannah Montana, you were probably introduced to Cazzie via her Instagram, where she takes the kind of photos you’d expect from someone who’s related to Larry David. Her “over it” face is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. Also pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good: Cazzie reportedly dating Davidson, according to Oh No They Didn’t, which adds, “No clue as to how long they’ve been dating but he and Carly Aquilino (the redhead from Girl Code) broke up last year.” Pete “may or may not have gotten tattoos for her.”




Imagine if you were dating Larry David’s daughter. Pete drives up to the house, rings the doorbell (that plays the Curb theme song, naturally), says “Hello Mr. David, how are you this fine evening?” No response. “I’m here to pick up Cazzie.” No response. “I’ll have her back by 11 p.m.” No response. “10 p.m.?” No response. “7 p.m.” No response. “Should I just leave?”


(Via Oh No They Didn’t)

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