What’s Popular On Streaming Now

Every single week, our TV and film experts will list the most important ten streaming selections for you to pop into your queues. We’re not strictly operating upon reviews or accrued streaming clicks (although yes, we’ve scoured the streaming site charts) but, instead, upon those selections that are really worth noticing amid the churning sea of content. There’s a lot out there, after all, and your time is valuable.

TIE: 10. That ’90s Show (Netflix series)

Nearly every member of the O.G. series dropped by for a visit, and Red and Kitty are of course still the grown-ups of the coolest basement in existence. This revival, while not quite as appealing as That ’70s Show, still managed to be enjoyable enough that Netflix swiftly greenlit a second season. Who knows whether we’ll see more Jackie and Kelso, but one can only hope, and every guest star seemed to enjoy being back on the scene. The audience isn’t a rabid one as with Cobra Kai, but there are much worse nostalgia grabs with which to spent your time than this one.

TIE: 10. Everything Everywhere All at Once (A24 film streaming on Hulu)

Michelle Yeoh is delivering all of the awards speeches and pointing out how she’s able to kick butt in the process) this season, and for good reason. This A24 movie also happens to feature plenty of hot dog fingers and bagels while dancing through a refreshing take on the otherwise overdone multiverse concept. This sci-fi story with heart will win you over, and Yeoh may be a lock on the Best Actress Oscar, too.

9. Poker Face (Peacock series)

Natasha Lyonne and Rian Johnson are a dream team in this not-Columbo-but-still-Columbo mystery of the week show. The co-stars (Adrian Brody, Benjamin Bratt, Dascha Polanco, Lil Rel Howery, Chloe Sevigny, and more) are all giving the most, and no one is doing cameos these days like Johnson (as with Glass Onion). Lyonne, however, is in command here as Charlie, who has a different kind of swagger Lyonne’s Russian Doll character, but both series prove that not only did Lyonne make a Hollywood comeback with OITNB, but she’s in charge and here to stay.

8. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Marvel movie streaming on Disney+)

This sequel was guaranteed to be a resonant and emotional affair, and as our own Mike Ryan wrote in his review, it’s truly a miracle that the franchise continued to soar to the same heights without the late Chadwick Boseman. Naturally, there’s no replacing Boseman, but there is a new Black Panther. This film also has boasts one of the MCU’s greatest antagonists, who’s not straight-up villain and actually gives us a point of view that’s, at times reasonable. These films have come a long way since tossing Ultron into a movie and calling the “bad guy” aspect good.

7. Pamela, A Love Story (Documentary streaming on Netflix)

The impetus for this project happens to be Hulu’s Pam & Tommy, the idea of which disgusted Pamela so much that she still refers to the production as being full of “a**holes.” This documentary allows Pam to spread her truth (including a much more in-depth version of events) and show us her essence beyond having her public image dominated by a stolen home video. That was a traumatic experience and one that caused a domino effect upon her professional and personal lives. Pamela is doing great now, however, after having fought her way out of five bad marriages. She’s got a lot of adoration for the world, though, and her fans adore her back.

6. The Walking Dead (AMC series on AMC+ and Netflix)

Before Daryl Dixon mysteriously washed up on a French beach, he kicked ass for eleven seasons of this series proper. Refresh yourself on this series before Fear The Walking Dead comes to an end, and at least three spinoffs will arrive in the next year. Before all is said and done, we’ll also see spinoffs revolving around Negan and Maggie as well as Rick Grimes and Michonne. Those Walkers don’t quit, and neither does this franchise.

5. The Menu (Searchlight Pictures/20th Century Studios film streaming on HBO Max)

Viewers cannot get enough of temperamental chefs or those who behave even more badly. In this case, Ralph Fiennes is much more sinister than the kitchen bad boys portrayed by Jeremy Allen White (The Bear) and Lucas Bravo (Emily In Paris). The same goes for every project inhabited by Anya Taylor-Joy, who helps to deliver the perfect cheeseburger to the audience after a shocking satire full of gruesome happenings. “Foodie horror” never hit the spot like this.

4. The Drew Barrymore Show (CBS Media Ventures show streaming on Paramount+)

No one knows why it took so long for Drew Barrymore to host her own talk show, but these days, it’s hard to imagine not being a daytime talk-show standout for the ages. She’s optimistic in an endearing way, but sometimes, she intentionally goes off the rails, and at other times, she’s trying to control the chaos as much as possible. David Letterman even stopped by to visit his old flasher-friend, and it’s impossible not to enjoy this show if you start watching, so consider yourself warned.

3. Skinamarink (Shudder original movie streaming on Shudder)

This horror movie arrived following a disconcerting trailer and then went on to gross 60 times its budget. This is an extreme example of low budget/high return, but it remains typical that horror movies can exist on shoestring budgets and then go on to take the box office by surprise storm. Also, people love having the bejesus scared out of them (what on earth is going on in this house?), and this movie promises to fit that bill.

2. M3GAN (Universal Pictures film streaming on Amazon Prime)

Speaking of high-dollar-recouping horror, this homicidal pile of hair and dance moves will make her return in a sequel. One day, protagonists might decide to use their common sense and not unleash AI upon the world. This movie is not that time. However, audiences are all the better for it while watching Allison Williams continue to scream-queen her way in horror films that are much better than anyone ever reasonably expected them to be. Also, James Wan and Jason Blumhouse rarely swing and miss, but we could use a Chucky crossover.

1. The Last Of Us (HBO series streaming on HBO Max)

Craig Mazin does it again, which refers to a lot of impressive things about this show. His ability to increase his audience over time, however, feels unparalleled after this show and Chernobyl. Importantly, you do not have to play the video game to understand or enjoy this show. Also, this story does the undead very differently than The Walking Dead franchise, but the good news is that there’s room in TV hearts for both of them. Everything here is down to a fungus that will make you want to hide inside with your love as much as possible… and watch the latest epic HBO show.