Real-Life Chemistry Teacher Arrested For Selling Meth, Breaking Bad

True story: I was arrested in high school because a few friends of mine and I thought it’d be fun to make pipe bombs and, as a prank, blow up a few mailboxes in the middle of the night. The good news: It was fun! According to the newspaper report the next day, debris from one mailbox scattered over 1000 yards, which is why the postal service refused to deliver mail that day. Long story short: There was an investigation, my friends and I were brought in, arrested, and interrogated, and though we all planned to stick with an agreed upon story, every single one of us cracked because they shined lamps in our faces, because we were 17, and because we were pu**ies.

Fortunately, this was pre-911 in a small town, we were all honor students, and we managed to avoid any serious charges because, well, once it was revealed that we learned how to make pipe bombs from our chemistry teacher, I expect that local authorities thought it was a good idea to limit their exposure.

The moral of the story? Chemistry teachers are awesome!

Take, for instance, William Duncan, an East Texas chemistry teacher who, like Breaking Bad’s Walter White, took his love of chemistry and turned it into a moonlighting gig as a meth manufacturer. But unlike Walter White, Duncan got caught.

Police say after several tips, they went undercover and bought meth from Duncan in the Linden-Kildare Junior High parking lot around 8:30 a.m. Monday. The school district has placed Duncan on administrative release for now.

“We’ve been conducting an undercover operation for about five months and buying narcotics and we had bought off of this person a few weeks back,” said Linden Police Chief Alton McWaters. “We set-up another buy from him. He sold it to us at the school, at the junior high school where he teaches.”

Police arrested Duncan Tuesday on his lunch break at school.

There’s his problem, right there: He sold meth on school grounds. Never sh*t where you teach, man. Also, leave the dealing to drug dealers. Know your strengths! Get yourself a Pinkman, bitch.

(Source: KLTV)