The ‘Civil War’ Directors Are Bringing The True Crime Web Series ‘The Mastermind’ To TV

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Joe and Anthony Russo, the brothers and directors behind such hits as Captain America: Winter Soldier and  the upcoming Civil Warare bringing a popular web series to television that is already being compared to Making A Murderer in style and addictiveness. The Mastermind centers around infamous gangster Paul le Roux as he rises to power and eventually turns into a government asset against the very people he once called allies (or enemies). Based on that log line, it sounds like a perfect mix between True Detective and The Jinx in that it will include all of the violence and intrigue as well as a real world dash of seriousness and stakes.

Currently, the online version of the story has posted six installments about le Roux’s life on the heels of his first court appearance in March of this year. Even the surface details sound intriguing. According to Deadline, Mike Larocca (the President of Film and Television for Getaway Productions) sounded incredibly excited about the opportunity to bring the story to a bigger audience:

“Evan is breaking the story of one of the most successful and notorious global criminal masterminds of the 21st century – covering his rise to power, getting busted by the DEA and then turning state’s witness as they piece together and dismantle his vast, disconnected global criminal empire. We were riveted by this true crime story, its societal implications and cinematic potential.”

There is no current timeline as far as when the TV show will premiere, but in the meantime, anyone interested can see the web series here and decide for themselves whether they should be a little or a lot excited about le Roux’s story being told in full. Maybe the Russo’s can convince Robert Downey Jr. to swing by to narrate the series (or something) in his spare time.

(via Deadline)