‘True Detective’ Season Two Makes For A Pretty Disturbing Romantic Comedy

Life & Culture Editor

True Detective is gritty, violent, and full of themes not appropriate for children, teenagers, and/or most adults who ever want to sleep again. While the second season wasn’t as good as the first (some people would rather forget it, actually), it has created some pretty good fodder for comedy as well as some intense staring contests. And now that we’ll never have to watch the thing in its entirety again (unless high or bored), we can enjoy little bits and pieces of it cut into other things. Like this thing you’re about to watch, which is the show’s second season recut as a romantic comedy.

Of course, considering the subject matter of the show, it’s not a particularly romantic romantic comedy, but, you know, it works. Well, it works if your favorite rom-coms start with a discussion of penis size.  Give it a watch and see if you don’t agree.

(Via AV Club)

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