Samantha Bee Analyzes The Post-Election Wave Of Depression And Discovers Who She Can Blame

11.15.16 1 year ago 7 Comments

Samantha Bee takes her own fair share of blame for the results of Election 2016, but there’s also someone else she thinks can carry some of that blame. She discovers it by the end of her final show of the season on Monday, right after she dug into the somewhat shocked response to Donald Trump becoming president.

It has definitely been a tale full of contrasting reactions to the victory. Plenty of people, including Robert DeNiro for some reason, are comparing their feelings to the way they felt after 9/11. If that’s the case, I expect to see a major run on competing ribbons and safety pin magnets very soon. Next is the reaction from the pro-Trump side, where the loudest and most hateful of the bunch are tweeting up a storm or worse in public or complaining about protesters on television. Then you have the folks who are likely to truly feel the brunt of any decisions over the next four years.

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