Why Did ‘SNL’ Cut This Hilariously Dark Martin Freeman Sketch About Trapping Santa Claus?

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12.16.14 7 Comments

It’s become a weekly tradition now for Saturday Night Live to release sketches that it “cut for time” that are routinely better than many of the sketches on the actual show. That’s a much higher bar this week, because there were only one or two weak sketches on the entire Martin Freeman hosted episode over the weekend (“The Assembly Line” and “The Waterbed Commercial”).

All the same, “Santa Traps” is dark comedy gold. Freeman plays a loon who is trying to sell a whole new life-changing product: Santa Traps. “They’re just like bear traps. The only difference is, they catch Santas instead of bears.” It’s perfect for anyone who loves Santa Burgers, and who doesn’t?

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