Sarah Silverman To Star In A HBO Series Produced By Lorne Michaels

It’s common knowledge that Deadline commenters know everything. So when “Mark K.” writes, “Good move by all in my opinion,” the “all” being Sarah Silverman and Topher Grace starring in HBO’s People in New Jersey, created by Six Feet Under‘s Bruce Eric Kaplan, you know it’s a good move by all. In his opinion.

HBO has tapped Topher Grace, Sarah Silverman, and Patti Lupone for People In New Jersey, its half-hour comedy pilot written by Bruce Eric Kaplan, directed by Paul Feig, and executive produced by Lorne Michaels.

The project is described as a hilarious, poignant look at life today as seen through the prism of an adult brother and sister (Grace, Silverman) living in New Jersey. Carl Levin (Grace) is an affable locksmith who has a definite idea of how things and people should be and when the world doesn’t conform to his vision, he resists mightily. His sister Melanie (Silverman) is a former management consultant and a closet optimist who now works part-time at a department store. Their opinionated widowed mother Rachel (Lupone) focuses a lot of her energy on worrying about her children and why neither has settled down in a relationship. (Via)

I was afraid the project wouldn’t be described as “hilarious.” Phew. Anyway, with this series announcement, and only this series announcement, People in New Jersey is already the greatest TV show ever with New Jersey in the title. You put up a good fight, Jersey Shore, Made in Jersey, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jerseylicious, and Jersey Couture, but People in New Jersey has something you don’t: Sarah Silverman. Also, a premise worth being on TV.

(Via Deadline)