Seth Meyers Skillfully Filets Donald Trump Over The Whole ‘Alternative Facts’ Nonsense

Much has been made of the claim by Kellyanne Conway that she, Donald Trump and newly minted White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer aren’t lying to the American people, they’re simply telling “alternative facts.” The internet spoofed that excuse last week, as did many others in the world of sports and entertainment, and now it’s Seth Meyers’ turn to take on the latest crazy excuses from Trump and the team surrounding him.

In the latest “A Closer Look,” Seth doesn’t hesitate to pick apart the insanity of the “alternative facts” reasoning. In the segment, Meyers talks about the Trump administration openly lying to the entire nation during their very first day on the job. They couldn’t even wait for the weekend to be over to start with the propaganda!

There was also discussion of just how many places participated in the Women’s Marches on Saturday, including Antarctica of all places. Because dislike for Donald Trump doesn’t stop in the contiguous United States. Even better than the number of people who showed up to march over the weekend was how angry that made the Commander in Chief when compared to his inauguration turnout, which Seth of course doesn’t fail to point out.

As fun as it is to mock Trump’s sensitivity about not being liked, and his team’s attempts to mask mistakes and policy decisions with straight up lies, the use of “alternative facts” is a real concern coming from an administration that practically needs to hide everything they are doing from constituents if they want to accomplish any of their goals. Balancing funny segments like Meyers’ and legitimate concern might be the new normal now that Trump has officially taken office.