The First (Trippy) Footage From ‘Severance’ Season 2 Is Finally Here

Good news, SZA (and everyone else who enjoyed one of the best shows of 2022): the first footage from Severance is here.

Apple TV+ released a sizzle reel of its upcoming shows and movies, including Silo, Pachinko, and Severance. The video above begins with Mark (played by Adam Scott) walking into Lumon Industries where Seth (Tramell Tillman) is waiting for him. “Welcome back,” he says, ominously, while holding balloons. “It’s been a minute.” It’s been two years actually! Later, Mark glitches back and forth between his “innie” and “outie” personas while hooked up to wires and laid out on a table before he appears to make a run for it.

Apple TV+ also released an image from the new season of Mark going Pennywise mode.

The cast hasn’t said much about the new season, although Scott did discuss the show’s intense fanbase with People. “That was the weirdest thing, is that we were making this show… Innies and Outies… and all these new words, and it was completely in a vacuum, and the whole thing was done. By the time it came out, we had been done for eight months or whatever it is and then, suddenly, it comes out and it works and people like it,” he said. “So suddenly, Innie and Outie are things out in the world with people is so weird.”

Severance season 2 will likely premiere in late 2024 or early 2025.