SZA ‘Got Caught Bullying’ Ben Stiller About The Next Season Of ‘Severance’ And He Quickly Responded

Every now and again, bullying can help to better society. Ironically, SZA, an avid proponent of anti-celebrity online harassment found herself on the other side of things.

Despite her busy schedule, which includes her international SOS Tour dates, the “Snooze” singer still manages to catch up television’s hottest shows. Thanks to her May 2 post on X (formerly Twitter), SZA’s followers found out that includes Apple TV’s Severance starring Ben Stiller.

“Was tryna be polite but I really need a new season of ‘Severance’ right the f*ck now,” she wrote.

Well SZA’s outcry quickly made its way back to Stiller. So, the actor took hopped onto his personal page to issue a response.

“Ok…ok. Got it,” he replied.

Although the original series was renewed, not much progress has been made since its 2022 debut. With SZA lighting a fire under the production team, things could change soon. Even so, SZA decided to issue a playful apology for her strong language.

“Omg,” she wrote. “Please accept my humble apology 🥹 LMAO. Whenever you’re ready is fine 😩. [I’m] just dying of thirst. It’s the best show ever! You’re a madman 🫡. Thank you, Mr. Stiller, king sir!”

“Not I’m a stan and got caught bullying,” she wrote. “Not bullying works. I’m calling the cops on myself.”

Now, Severance viewers have launched a countdown until new episodes are uploaded to the streamer.