The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spinoff Is One Step Closer To Actually Happening

Kurt Sutter has been publicly speculating about a Sons of Anarchy spinoff since well before FX’s biker-drama went off the air after seven occasionally great, often frustrating seasons. His original idea was to do a “period piece set in the ’60s, post-Vietnam,” likely about the nine original SAMCRO members. But the prequel has been put on hold in favor of a series based on the Mayans, SAMCRO’s motorcycle gang rivals. Sutter said it would be “interesting to see the influences of [the Spanish-sneaking] culture and how it impacts the subculture we already understand,” and apparently FX agrees. According to Variety, script development on Mayans MC has officially begun.

The pilot will be written by Elgin James, a filmmaker and founder of Friends Stand United, which the FBI classifies as a “street gang.” (FSU, which originally stood for F*ck Sh*t Up, is like the Dexter Morgan of “street gangs” — they beat up racists and drug dealers.) Of James, Sutter said, “I wanted to find a strong, unique Latino voice. Because I didn’t think a white guy from Jersey should be writing about Latin culture and traditions. Elgin is that voice.”

Mayans MC is described as a “dark, visceral family drama that takes a new look at the most American of icons, the 1% outlaw, this time reflected through a Latino lens.” Sutter has put down his sword, and hopped back on the bike.

(Via Variety)