Sophie Turner And Maisie Williams From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Got Matching Tattoos

While they may be separated by miles and miles of Westeros wilderness on Game of Thrones (hopefully not for much longer!), anyone who follows Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams on social media knows that the Stark sisters are real life best friends. Aside from being cool teens on the internet, their bestie realness is a well documented part of their online presence.

Turner and Williams decided to take that friendship to the next permanent level: matching tattoos. While filming in Belfast, the adorable twosome headed to Miss Kat Paine, who works at the Northern Ireland tattoo parlor, Belfast City Skinworks. Aside from sharing the cute picture above, she also gave a few small hints about what tattoos were chosen by the Thrones stars, saying in the comments that the tattoos were of a particular date and that they were indeed matching.

The charming duo continued to document their day together, which looked to include cocktails, crazy coats, and selfies with moody lighting (moves “Become best friends with Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams” up a few notches on personal bucket list).

From the looks of Williams’ Instagram post, the date “07.08.09” is probably the likeliest candidate for the tattoos’ subject. As that is around the time that Game of Thrones began production, many are speculating that that’s the date the two met. Awwwww.

Who else is even more ready for a Sansa/Arya reunion now?

(Via Time)