Stephen Colbert Dared To Display His PB&J Sandwich Making Skills In Front Of Gordon Ramsay

Traditionally when someone yells at you while you’re cooking, you request that they drop dead and promptly spray canola oil in their eyes. When sweary superstar chef Gordon Ramsay does it? It’s considered an honour, dammit.

Ramsay, who deserves credit for revolutionizing the way human beings get disappointed by bad Beef Wellington, popped by Friday’s Late Show to chat about spotted dick, large deli sandwiches (RAMSAY CARES NOT FOR YOUR TALL SANDWICH GLUTTONY, AMERICA!) and his new Fox series The F Word. Nestled into the proceedings was a request by host Stephen Colbert: Please yell at him while he attempts to make a PB&J sandwich on live television. Ever the gentleman, Ramsay was happy to provide a critique of Colbert’s ability to prepare said PB&J. A large part of the fun is watching Ramsay squirm helplessly as he watches an adult make an unsatisfactory sandwich.

“You’re ripping the bread already! You’re tearing the bread already.” exclaimed Fox’s go-to culinary icon. “It’s all in the bloody middle! Spread it out!”

The taste test portion of Colbert’s sandwich making didn’t go exactly as planned, but that isn’t the point of this slice of late night television, is it? It’s about watching a man playfully yell at another man over his inability to make something that’d be satisfactory by school lunch standards.