Stephen Colbert Points Out How Much The GOP Hates Trump And Cruz

Stephen Colbert may be the smartest, funniest political pundit out there right now. On Monday’s Late Show, the comedian skewered both Trump and the runner up to the Republican nomination, Ted Cruz, namely on how their party wants anyone but them to run in the general election.

“Donald Trump still holds a commanding lead in national polls, so the GOP establishment is lining up behind him to push him in front of a train,” Colbert says. The proof? A copy of the National Review, which came out with a whole issue describing the case “Against Trump.” Colbert also shows a clip of Glenn Beck, himself a paragon of political sanity, pronouncing Trump getting the nomination as “an end to the Republican party.”

Of course, the party doesn’t like “half melted G.I. Joe” Ted Cruz, either. The fact that a Republican senator said he’d rather vote for Bernie Sanders than Cruz says it all.

As Lindsey Graham puts it, “It’s like being shot or poisoned, what does it really matter?”

What the Republican party wants may not matter, though. Colbert points out that Trump especially can say whatever he wants and still stay ahead in the polls, even if he stood in the middle of 5th Avenue and shot someone.

Luckily, Colbert is here to help explain how impressive that scenario would be: “5th Avenue is an extremely crowded street in Manhattan, where it is illegal to shoot people.”