‘Supergirl’ Will Double The Super With Plans To Bring Lynda Carter On In The Second Season

Before Gal Gadot put on some monochrome body armor to go play around with Batman and Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there were stars and stripes and a huge golden eagle involved in the costume. That costume was worn by Lynda Carter, the original and arguably most iconic portrayer of Wonder Woman on screen. Carter and her bullet deflecting bracelets, magical lasso, and invisible jet saved the day over and over again throughout the three seasons the show lasted. Now, with another young female superhero fighting the good fight and kicking butt on TV, there might be a way for Carter to come back to television.

At a recent screening of Supergirl, executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti admitted that if the show makes it to a second season they have a spot waiting for Carter and all her Wonder Woman charisma. According to Entertainment Weekly, Berlanti said,

“We had the perfect role for Lynda Carter…we couldn’t work out her schedule. Next year.”

They almost didn’t spill what her role would be on the show – A replacement for Cat? Kara’s long lost aunt? – but Berlanti finally admitted that she would be “the female President of the United States.” There’s no sure way to know whether that idea is tongue in cheek or not until a second season actually happens. CBS has yet to announce whether the freshman show will make it to see it’s second year, so this could be one long con to get the network to commit to some more Supergirl. If that’s the case then hopefully the strategy works so fans can see Kara battling crime and bad guys side by side with Lynda Carter.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)