The USA Network Will Linger on Carla Gugino's Cleavage This Summer

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03.14.12 4 Comments

If it were up to me, the USA Network would only air from May through August. Their programming is perfect for summer: Breezy, easy-on-the-eyes, unchallenging, and perfectly entertaining. I dig “Suits,” and “Burn Notice” is OK, and I’d watch “Psych” all summer long. They have an awesome formula, too: Take a woman like Piper Perabo, Sarah Shahi, and Fiona from “Burn Notice,” and find excuses to put them in revealing clothing.

It’s fitting, then, that Carla Gugino will appear in “Political Animals,” a short, six-episode summer series on the USA Network, alongside Sigourney Weaver.

Co-created and written by Greg Berlanti, the executive producer of such shows as “Evergreen,” “Dirty Sexy Money,” and “Eli Stone,” the series is about a former First Lady and failed presidential candidate who finds herself appointed Secretary of State. However, she’s also just divorced her husband, so it’s totally not based on anybody in real life. The Washington exposé also co-stars Carla Gugino as a reporter looking to bring down Weaver’s character.

The great thing about the USA Network is that they never spare on the lingering and gratuitous cleavage-and-ass close-ups. In Gugino, they may have found the ideal USA Network star.

(Source: The AV Club)

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