‘The White Lotus’ Fans Desparately Want Harper To Accept Reality About Ethan And Their Relationship

As the characters in this season of The White Lotus slowly begin to unravel, it’s clear that Aubrey Plaza’s Harper is not having a lot of fun on her picturesque Italian vacation with her husband’s cocky college roommate. Who would have thought?

After a rowdy night that consisted of Harper’s husband Ethan and his college buddy Cameron doing drugs and getting involved in potential criminal business activities, they decided to top off the night by meeting up with Lucia and Mia, the two Sicilian sex workers originally hired by Michael Imperioli’s character, Dominic. Cameron’s wife Daphne seems to know that her husband is a cheater, she just doesn’t care. Ethan and Harper are a different story.

Ethan ultimately decides against cheating on his wife (who is a lawyer, by the way!), which is probably for the best, but of course, their troubles had already been brewing due to their lack of sexual chemistry while on the trip.

In this week’s episode, Harper is trying to give her increasingly depressed husband a chance to come clean about their escapades the night before, but instead of confronting him, she just stews as any person on vacation would do. Hey, you paid a lot of money to be there, you might as well just pretend things are going great! But many fans do not agree with how she is handling things.



There are only three more episodes of this season, meaning that the tension will have to break at some point. But will there be a happily ever after, or will Harper and Ethan call it quits? Even worse, will she never address anything and be forced into a sexless marriage filled with Ted Lasso reruns? Only time will tell.

The White Lotus airs Sundays at 9 pm on HBO.