Trevor Noah Isn’t Surprised That Ron DeSantis Is Being Accused Of Human Trafficking, Because ‘He Kind Of Looks Like A Human Trafficker’

Trevor Noah has an uncanny — and frequently hilarious — knack for calling things like he sees them. And when it comes to the news that Florida’s barbarous governor Ron DeSantis could be facing charges of human trafficking over his recent Martha’s Vineyard immigration stunt, well, The Daily Show host isn’t really surprised. Why? Because the “Florida governor and the dad of your school bully” looks like a human trafficker, according to Noah.

DeSantis’ now-infamous decision to lure 48 undocumented Venezuelan migrants onto a plane and send them to the now-desolate island of Martha’s Vineyard with no warning has turned into a bigger headache than Ronnie — who Noah recently dubbed “Earth’s biggest dick” — had probably anticipated.

In the wake of DeSantis’ cruel stunt, a criminal investigation into the legalities of his actions has been opened — with one legal professional noting that there is more than enough evidence to show that the wannabe 2024 GOP presidential nominee committed kidnapping by inveiglement. “The Republicans are going to give me a law degree by the time this sh*t is over, ‘cause we keep learning about new things,” Noah said. “Inveiglement?!”

But truthfully, Noah admits that he doesn’t really need to know any of the legal jargon involved in charging DeSantis with any human trafficking laws, because the proof is right there. As Noah explained:

Basically DeSantis tried to pull a stunt that may have turned into an actual crime. But it doesn’t surprise me. It doesn’t surprise me that Ron DeSantis is doing this. He looks kind of like a human trafficker. No, no, for real — look at him. Just look at him.

Noah then shared a photo of the embattled governor and dared viewers to “tell me that’s not the pose of a man who’s smuggling a group of Venezuelans up his butt.”

Trevor Noah Ron DeSantis 9-21-2022
Comedy Central

You can watch the full clip above.