‘True Detective’ Conversations: A New Tumblr That Proves Rust Cohle Can Make Anything Awkward

The best part of True Detective is and always will be the interview scenes where skeevy-ass, chain-smoking Matthew McConaughey drops profane bits of cryptic wisdom between slugs of Lone Star. Let’s be very clear about that. But the awkward conversations between Cohle and Hart — usually in the car, sometimes in a church or at dinner — aren’t all that far behind. Poor Hart. He just wants to make small talk. And every time he does, Cohle yoinks the football away from him like an odd, sex-crime-obsessed, former-drug-addicted-narco-cop-who-sometimes-has-hallucinations-while-driving-and-stuff version of Lucy from Peanuts.

Which brings me to my favorite new Tumblr (or, at least, my favorite new Tumblr idea): True Detective Conversations. Basically, someone has taken the format of these failed discussions — Hart tees it up, Cohle replies with an insane downer, Hart makes a face — and updated it with 2014 pop culture references. There’s only a few so far, and it all may burn very bright and fast before dying out, but until that happens, let’s all enjoy.