Tyrion And Cersei Lannister Stop By ‘Sesame Street’ To Show Those Muppets How It’s Done In Westeros

Honestly, I think it’s something of a missed opportunity here to have two of the stars of Game of Thrones appear on Sesame Street, where there’s clearly a glut of characters, and leave with everyone’s puppet-skin still intact. I mean, really? Do we need Murray? Murray is a tertiary character, and all he wants to do teach good eating habits and exercise, not that Murray would know anything about that? I mean, have you seen Murray? The monster could use some carrot sticks and a couple of hours on the treadmill. I have to admit, too, that despite the put-upon smile, when Lena Headey announced that the word of the day was “relax,” I was kind of hoping it was a threat.

Alas, it’s nothing but adorableness.

Meanwhile, in this next clip, Peter Dinklage is with Telly Monster and a muppet I’ve never seen (Cousin Oliver muppet)? That guy clearly needs to go, and who better to take care of it than Peter Dinklage who … sings? Oh, God! He sings! And it is glorious!

Take it away, Tyrion. Tell the kids how to deal with Simon of “Simon Says” fame. If Simon says kill a Stark, YOU KILL A STARK GODDAMNIT.

(via The Mary Sue)