Charles Dance Explains How Tywin Lannister Will Appear in The 5th Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

There’s spoilers here, so if you haven’t caught up with Game of Thrones yet, don’t read ahead. Also, if you don’t want to know how Charles Dance’s Tywin Lannister manages to show up in the fifth season, don’t read ahead, although I’m afraid it’s not that exciting a reveal.

Last we left Tywin Lannister, the bells of King’s Landing were tolling, marking his death after Tyrion put arrows in his stomach and heart for calling his lover a “whore.” TWICE. Poor Twyin — the smartest man in all of Westeros (and the most ruthless) — died where Elvis died: On the throne (but not the good one).

Now, there’d been some speculation months ago that Dance would return for season five, and most of us anticipated a flashback, perhaps. After all, for the first time, season five will contain flashbacks (in fact, it will begin with one).

But that’s not how Dance will return. It’s a more pedestrian reason: It’s for his funeral, as Dance explains to The Daily Beast.

In George R.R. Martin’s tome A Feast for Crows, Tywin’s remains are displayed for a week in the Great Sept before a procession of knights guides the body west. And that’s how it’ll play out on the show.

“Well, only my body!” Dance says of his fifth-season cameo. “I don’t wake up in the shower having had a dream about it all.”

Maybe the bigger news, however, is that Dance confirmed that the producers are actively discussing a Game of Thrones feature film:

“There’s talk of eventually trying to do a feature film, but I don’t know which of the storylines,” says Dance. “There’s so much to cram into a film.”

That’s actually an idea that George R.R. Martin has tossed around: Ending the series with a $100 million movie. However, HBO has previously been chilly to the idea, although maybe they’re coming around now that it’s apparent the series will move ahead of the books.

Meanwhile, Charles Dance is definitely keeping himself busy these days.

Source: The Daily Beast