Danny McBride Looks For Payback In The ‘Vice Principals’ Season Two Trailer

The last time we saw Neal Gamby (Danny McBride) and Lee Russell (Walton Goggins) of Vice Principals (available to stream anytime on HBO Now), they were gleefully celebrating their new roles as interim co-principals at North Jackson High School. Once bitter rivals, the two managed to come together and take down their common enemy, Principal Belinda Brown (Kimberly Herbert Gregory). Then, just as the two were on top of the world, Gamby was shot by a masked assailant and left for dead in the parking lot next to his burning car.

In the season two trailer, we see that even though Gamby has recovered from his wounds, he’s got nothing but vengeance on his mind. He’s determined to find out who shot him, but it soon becomes clear that anyone who’s ever crossed his path could be a suspect. While the obvious culprit is the disgraced Dr. Brown, she reminds him that everything seems to have worked out in Russell’s favor — meaning that his newfound ally might be behind the whole thing. As he throws himself into the belly of the beast, Gamby goes into full-on payback mode, proving that he’s willing to shake North Jackson High to the very core if it means bringing his would-be assassin to justice.

Vice Principals returns Sunday, September 17th on HBO