‘The Walking Dead’ Bad Decision Power Rankings: ‘Too Far Gone’

5. Sneaky Daryl

Good thing Glenn wasn’t around to see the way Daryl sneakingly passes a firearm to Maggie’s butt. Then again, this is the same man who crab-walks to disarm potential bad guys — maybe everyone’s come to expect this kind of behavior from the man who hasn’t bathed in months? Did I say Bad Decision? I meant Best Decision.

4. Judith and the Dream of Rainbow Cats

The groups are divided. There’s Carl and Rick; everyone on the bus; and those left behind at the prison, including Maggie, Tyreese, Daryl, and Judith? We don’t know where Judith is, though it seems fairly obvious that the creepy sister’s unnamed underlings, pictured above doing nothing of value, went back to grab the baby, leave the car seat. This is disappointing, if true. In a world gone mad, the kids will have to grow up before they’re ready, blah blah blah. A far better, non-Bad Decision, for the writers at least, is have it be Michonne who scoops up Judith, then the two of them and Michonne’s rainbow cat travel the world together, maybe with Holly White? I bet that version of the show wouldn’t have pointless “midseason finales.”

3. Mother, tell your children not to walk my way (and play in the mud)

It hasn’t been THAT long since Future Maggie’s daughter, Megan, was nearly killed by a Walker in the middle of a crowded camp. But apparently she’s forgotten all about that, because while Brian and the gang are away not making peanut butter sandwiches with Rick, she lets Megan play all by herself in the mud. With her back turned. Excellent parenting. Ultimately, though, Megan’s death was unnecessary; she didn’t factor into the plot if you believe…

2. Don’t worry about the Governor

…that Brian’s attack on the prison turned into a suicide mission. He’s dealt with Rick enough to know that he’s not going down without a fight, a fight that will end with dozens dead and the prison walls badly damaged, if torn down completely. That’s exactly what happens. Rick calls Brian’s bluff, and the second Mitch drives his tank through the fence, there goes the prison as somewhere safe to live. The place is soon crawling with zombies (including zombie babies?); by this point, Brian is the Governor again, and Future Maggie holding Megan carries no emotional weight, outside of mere shock value, because he didn’t intend to reunite. More Governor- and battle-related hijinks: his group agrees to an all-out war against a bunch of strangers FAR too easily; I HATE IT WHEN TV AND MOVIE CHARACTERS DON’T KILL THE BAD GUY I KNOW MICHONNE DOESN’T WANT TO STOOP TO THE GOVERNOR’S LEVEL BUT C’MON CUT HIS HEAD OFF THEN WAIT UNTIL HE BECOMES A ZOMBIE AND CUT HIS HEAD OFF AGAIN; and does Daryl’s corpse body shield work against all bullets, or just high-power rifle bullets?

1. Who?

Um, Rick, your son’s name is Carl, not CORRRAALLLL. Get it together by February, man.