Watch Matt Stone And Trey Parker’s Pre-‘South Park’ Short From College

We all agree “what are you wearing?” is the worst question ever, right? Right. Every time I hear it, it makes me want to jump into my TV and make Kelly Osbourne choke on a dead bat, or force her to watch the five unaired episodes of Osbournes Reloaded. The only time it’s ever been acceptable to ask was in 2000, when Matt Stone and Trey Parker dropped acid and wore form-fitting J-Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow dresses to the Academy Awards.

Or as Parker put it:

We thought of it the week before. And when the day came and we were just so nervous that we decided not to do it…But then we were like, “Let’s take a little bit of acid.” So we did that and of course an hour later we were like, “We have to wear the dresses.” (Via)

The best. But long before they were ingesting drugs at the most prestigious celebration of movies in the world, Stone and Parker were students at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where they famously made the pre-South Park short, The Spirit of Christmas. It was also there that they worked on a short film called First Date, a perfect parody of the kind of shorts Mystery Science Theater 3000 mocked all the time, which was recently uploaded to YouTube. It’s definitely from the early 1990s — at no other point in time would someone willingly wear a Cleveland Indians hat.