The Scariest TV Scene Of The Week Was Also The Funniest

I don’t find FX’s American Horror Story particularly scary. In order to feel scared, I need to worry about the fate of the characters, and if I don’t care about the characters, I don’t care if they’re murdered. That’s especially true on American Horror Story because the characters are rarely sympathetic, and the dead characters so often refuse to stay dead. It’s gorgeous, stylistic violence with great music and the occasional jump scare, but it’s not scary.

Contrast that with the cable television’s best comedy, You’re the Worst. As part of their Sunday Funday episode this year, the cast of characters went to one of those elaborate Los Angeles haunted houses. It’s basically like walking through a scene in American Horror Story, only here, I love the characters. Even though there is no threat of death whatsoever, I was more afraid for them because I care about these characters.

I also found their fear insanely hilarious. As Desmin Borges noted, “In some of the scenes, I was f*cking scared. I know they were just extras with masks on or whatever, but I was scared as sh*t.”

The reactions in some parts of this sequence do not feel like acting. It feels like actors who are legitimately terrified, and for good reason.

“There are no safe words. There are no rules.”

Not shown: The next scene, where Lindsay has a therapy session with Buffalo Bill from Silence in the Lambs while she’s in the well of his basement.

(Via FXX)

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