There’s A Good Chance One Of Your Favorite TV Shows Is Ending In 2019

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tv shows ending in 2019


It’s easy, and maybe even necessary, to be hyperbolic on the internet. “A boring headline, in this click-based economy?” I mean, which article would you click on: “Here’s A Pretty Big Fish, I Guess” or “You’ll Never Believe The Size Of This Amazing Fish.” I gotta see the size of this amazing fish! Speaking personally, I’ve tried to tone down the all-caps hype over the years; I only break the “In Case Of Emergency, Exaggerate” glass when I really mean it, and I really mean it when I say: 2019 is going to be the biggest year in the history of television.

That is, of course, the year TV’s most popular show, Game of Thrones (if not by ratings, then definitely by cultural omnipresence), comes to an end after eight seasons. But it goes beyond the record-breaking fantasy series — 2019 is also when Watchmen (from returning HBO creator Damon Lindelof), Jordan Peele’s Lovecraft Country, and the Drake-produced and Zendaya-starring Euphoria premiere, and when True Detective, Veep, Succession (miss you, Cousin Greg), Barry, Silicon Valley, and Big Little Lies return. And that’s just HBO!

The number of returning and premiering series in 2019 is staggering and too unwieldy for a comprehensive list (that’s what seasonal previews are for). Instead, we’re just going to focus on the shows that are ending next year. There’s a good chance one of your favorites is listed below, even outside of Game of Thrones. (There’s also the strong possibility that more will be added: we only learned about Mr. Robot last month; we’ll update if, say, Nü Roseanne is canceled.) I’m already a mess about no more Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

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