‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Who Missed Out On A Million Bucks Gets A Second Chance On Fallon

You gotta feel for this guy. Pat Atkinson lost (a chance at) a million dollars (we’ll get to why in just a little bit!) when he mispronounced “corner curio cabinet.” It’s a brutal loss. Take a look here:

Well, you guessed it, Jimmy Fallon gives him a second chance. Or at least a chance to redeem himself. Watch:

But don’t be too sorry for Pat Atkison. According to Today, while it was certainly tough to watch him get his potential million taken away due to a pronunciation error, it would have taken more for him to win the million:

Even if the powers that be behind “Wheel” had cut the man some slack and given him the win on the “curio” puzzle, it would’ve been really tough for Paul to even make it to the bonus round without landing on “Bankrupt,” and then spinning the special bonus-round wheel to land on the $1 million envelope. That’s because fellow player Luis ended up with more than $30,000 in prizes to move on to the final round, while Paul had a relatively puny $2,000.

(h/t: Late Night)